Creperie le Triskel

Visited Creperie le Triskel with my eating buddy a few weeks back on a Friday afternoon and the place was fully packed with customers. We ordered 3 crepes to share between us as we were starving – a funny note is that the friendly waitress was rather surprised at us ordering 3 crepes when there were only 2 of us. But the crepes were so yummy that I think my friend and I would still order an extra crepe to share even if we weren’t starving 🙂
A sure winner – fresh bananas with Nutella. I love the Nutella + banana crepe combination too much… Yep. It was good. No surprises there.

A savoury crepe to share – La Triskel (egg, Swiss Gruyère Cheese, mushrooms and ham). This was REALLY good! I actually didn’t expect to like it as I’ve never tried savoury crepes before. This has made me a fan of savoury crepes. For real.


I think my friend ordered the La Charabotte (home made salted caramel, bananas and vanilla ice cream) and she really liked it! I tried a little bit and it was pretty good. I would definitely order a crepe with salted caramel on my next visit.

Creperie le Triskel is located just right beside Le Belle Miette (the mother of macarons) on Hardware Lane, and is really easy to get to 🙂 I really like this place as it is authentic (French, whoo!) and I also don’t know of  any similar creperies/cafes in Singapore. Can’t wait for my next visit!

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