Oriental Spoon

Oriental Spoon is a restaurant that I HAD to visit as I’m a really huge fan of Korean food.. From popular street snacks to desserts, I love them all! The place was not very crowded when we were there, but I’ve walked past the restaurant several times during lunch/dinner time and it is almost always crowded. With K-pop songs playing in the background and Korean servers attending to us, I really felt like I was in Korea again… Heh.

photo 2 (14)

Ddeokbokki – spicy rice cake with additional ramyeon. The serving was pretty big and it tasted quite good as well. This dish is definitely for sharing though.. I think it’s too heavy for any one person to finish it alone.

photo 1 (13)

Kimchi pancake – this pancakes were thicker than the normal Korean-style pancakes (which are usually quite thin and crispy), so I didn’t really like it. It wasn’t bad-tasting by any means, just not something I would order again.


And the highlight! ‘Ban ban’ fried chicken – original and spicy sauce. I liked the spicy sauce one better, as the chicken pieces were generously coated with sauce, and thus less dry than the original chicken.  Overall I thought it was pretty good, but I’d say only order this dish if there are at least 3 people, or if you REALLY like fried chicken.

The prices are not exorbitant, but definitely not cheap either. However, you can definitely find a nice and satisfying Korean meal here.
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