There are plenty of chocolate-based cafes in Melbourne… Koko Black, Ganache Chocolate, and many more. After trying out quite a few of them, I have to say that Chokolait is one of my favourites!

My friend and I went on a weekday afternoon and the place was almost empty. Is it because the cafe is rather hidden so it’s hard to ‘stumble upon’ it?

photo 1 (14)
Chocolate pavlova – yum! If you have a sweet tooth, this is definitely for you. This is my first time eating pavlova (yeah, what have I been doing? ha) so I can’t really compare it to anything. The white liquid looks like condensed milk but it’s actually double cream (I think). Decadent, yes….

photo 2 (15)

Extra shot because it looks so good… doesn’t it?

photo 3 (13)

Dark hot chocolate – so good! It was dark, rich and… chocolatey (duh)… The perfect beverage on a cold day. The serving is also bigger than almost all of the other hot chocolates I’ve had.

I’m definitely going back to try other desserts, like the chocolate mousse or cheesecake. The lady behind the counter and the man who served us our orders were really sweet and cheerful, it made my day 🙂 Definitely worth a visit!
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One thought on “Chokolait

  1. ross harvey says:

    Hi, sweet and cheerful here, thanks for your review, it is Double cream and we are very pleased you enjoyed your Chokolait experience, see you soon, Ross/Owner/Chokolait

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