Finally tried the baos at Wonderbao! I’ve eaten countless baos (steamed buns – usually white in colour) throughout my life (yup, Asian, lol) so yeah, of course I had to come here.

photo 1 (15)
I ordered the da pork bao and nai wong (egg custard) bao.
The da pork bao was pretty good; the fillings were rather little compared to the bao (or rather the bao was too thick), but I like bao so that’s fine for me. The nai wong bao was not bad as well, the custard was not too sweet and the size of the bao was just right.

photo 2 (16)
My first cup of soy milk in Melbourne! I really liked it, the soy bean taste was pretty strong and it wasn’t too sweet. So… people who prefer diluted or sugar-laden soy milk probably wouldn’t like this.

photo 3 (14)
Also tried the char siew bao on a separate visit and it was pretty average, nothing to shout about.

I haven’t tried the gua baos (I know, I should have!) but I definitely will on my next visit and update again.
Wonderbao on Urbanspoon


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