Yet another great cafe in North Melbourne! I have been wanting to visit Fandango ever since I saw a friend’s picture of their pancakes on Instagram… and I’m glad I did, because you know a cafe with a 93% rating on Urbanspoon can do no wrong 🙂

photo 1 (16)
Hot chocolate with marshmallows – not bad! I’m quite easy with hot chocs as long as they are not overly sweet, and this wasn’t.

photo 2 (17)
Pancakes – YUM! Cream cheese isn’t really my thing but I loved this combination of pancakes, cream cheese, maple syrup and strawberries. Party in the mouth! And you also know a dish is good when your friend takes a first bite and then proceeds to say “I’m coming back here again”.

photo 3 (15)
Pesto scrambled eggs – read from reviews that this was very good, and it was indeed! Definitely worth a second order.

Fandango is located a few doors down from the ever-popular Auction Rooms (which I have yet to try, the queue puts me off) along Errol Street. The food portions are decent and the prices are pretty affordable, in fact a little cheaper than usual brunch places. The fact that you don’t have to queue here to get seats (for 2) on a Sunday afternoon is a happy bonus.


Fandango on Urbanspoon


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