Stovetop is less than 5 minutes from where I stay, and it is almost always crowded every time I walk past. It has an overwhelmingly high rating on Urbanspoon so I was really looking forward to dining here. My friend and I came here on a Saturday afternoon and there were plenty of seats; our food and drinks arrived pretty quickly as well.

photo 1 (18)
Chai latte – yum! I think it’s because I’m a noob chai latte drinker but this is the first time I’ve seen such presentation of chai latte.

photo 2 (19)
Latkes sweet potato and chia with poached eggs, baba ganoush and rocket. Uh, well, I have never tried any dish like this before and I guess it was rather.. interesting? I can’t really describe how the dish tasted.. because I couldn’t exactly tell what I was putting into my mouth. The rocket leaves were too bitter for me though, so I’d have preferred another kind of salad.
[sorry for the badly taken picture, the dish was kind of un-photogenic]

Would I visit Stovetop again? Yeah, I should, especially since it is just down the road. I’ll definitely be back for the chai latte and to try the cinnamon waffles – it sounds so delish. The prices here are also very affordable, which is a good bonus! Also – I will just stick to ordering safe dishes next time.

Stovetop on Urbanspoon


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