The Green Refectory

The Green Refectory is one of the best brunch spots I’ve been to in Melbourne… it is impressive in portion, price, and mostly importantly taste.

photo 1 (20)
Breakfast stack – can’t remember the exact ingredients but there were bacon, mash, spinach, grilled tomato, halloumi topped with a beautiful poached egg. It was freaking tasty??? I would definitely order this again!

I thought the portion didn’t look very big but it was actually quite filling.

photo 2 (20)
Flat white – it was good, although you can’t really trust my words because i don’t know how to judge coffee. I’m trying to learn how to though.

photo 3 (17)
On my second visit my friend and I decided to order 2 dishes to share between us. This is scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, and it was goooooooood. I thought the portion of the smoked salmon was pretty generous, and the scrambled eggs were yummy as well! My friend LOVED the mushrooms.

photo 4 (7)
Big breakfast – i failed to take a nicer shot of the dish because i was too excited to dig in. There were poached eggs, bacon, bread, grilled tomato, halloumi cheese, spinach, baked beans, sausage, mushrooms, onions… did i miss anything out? Was really impressed by the serving and the amount of ingredients this plate has. Definitely THE big breakfast. And yep, I was impressed by the taste as well. 2 thumbs up!

photo 5 (4)

Wanted to try some desserts because the display looked really tempting but… we were stuffed after our meal. Erm, at least we finished everything!


The Green Refectory serves the most affordable brunch I’ve had in Melbourne… good food, good price. What’s not to like?? Definitely worth multiple visits. I really need to go back soon to try their desserts.

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