Beancurd Tarts (L.E. Cafe)

Egg tarts are really common in Singapore. You can find them at various places, from bakeries to coffee shops to Chinese restaurants. But beancurd tarts? That’s pretty rare, and L.E Cafe does them really well. Imagine a buttery, biscuit-like crust with a fragrant, smooth beancurd filling. One is not enough.

They are really affordable at $9 for 8, making each tart $1.13. I had 8 to myself in a span of 3 days because i like it that much. I’m serious. But honestly, it’s good. This does not lose to the fancy pastry tarts from the dessert shop, and is way cheaper too.

Many people recommend eating them cold but i think it’s also good when in room temperature if you like a smooth and wobbly centre, which i do. Do call to reserve before heading down as the shop is quite a distance away from the MRT station and you don’t want to make an empty trip.

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Victor’s Kitchen @ Chinatown Point

I used to go to the original outlet at Sunshine Plaza quite often, but the store was small but more often than not we had to queue. Also, Sunshine Plaza is quite a boring place. Once we went on a Sunday afternoon and not only did we have to queue, many items on the menu were already sold out and we could only order very few items. We’ve never went back ever since. So when i read that there’s a new outlet at Chinatown Point, i knew that i wanted to try it! 

We went at lunch hour and it was full house. I guess they are still very popular! 

  There were some hits and misses. The chicken feet was a very big miss. I like it when the skin comes off easily but the dish was very hard in general. I think it wasn’t cooked long enough and i couldn’t bring myself to finish the whole plate. 

The steamed carrot cake w xo sauce, however, was as good as i remembered it to be! Most dim sum joints serve carrot cake that is either pan fried or deep fried and Victor’s Kitchen does a delicious alternative. 

  The liu sha bao, or rather salted egg yolk custard bun, is not bad at all. The custard was piping hot and not too oily, like how i remembered Victor’s Kitchen’s liu sha baos to be. I really like tearing open a liu sha bao and trying not to burn my tongue while making sure that i don’t make a mess. 

 On another visit here, i was peeling the paper off the bottom of the bun when i realised how oily it was! This has got to be the oiliest liu sha bao i’ve ever eaten. What’s worse was that the oil seeped through the bottom of the bun and split open, resulting in the salted egg yolk custard dripping everywhere. It was a mess. 

  The egg tarts came warm, which i liked. The crust pastry was more of hard and biscuit-y type, while i prefer a crust pastry that is crumbly and buttery. The custard is pretty good though, eggy and not too sweet. 

  Polo char siew buns 
  Pan fried chee cheong fun (rice rolls) with xo sauce and sweet sauce on the side. This was pretty good! The rice roll was crispy on the outside and still smooth on the inside. 
Victor’s Kitchen, Chinatown Point


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Pacamara Boutique Roasters

Located a 10 minute walk from Marymount Station, Pacamara is definitely one of the better cafes i’ve visited in Singapore. After staying in Melbourne for 2 years and having the privilege to visit the amazing cafes there, dining at cafes in Singapore is a bit of a disappointment. The cafes here definitely have nice decor and ambience, but the food always look better than they taste. Hence, i’m on a quest to find a cafe that serves really good food. 

The truffle fries, at $8, is affordably-priced and tasted good too. Definitely recommend this for sharing. 


  Ocean mac & cheese, which had small chunks of prawn within the mac & cheese. The dish was garnished with sprigs of rosemary, which made it more fragrant. The smoked salmon is a nice addition, although the saltiness from it and the mac might be a bit too much. 

 Will definitely visit Pacamara again to try the other dishes! I’m already eyeing items on the menu that i want to try.  

While there is a wide array of restaurants, cafes, and eateries along the popular Upper Thomson stretch, i think Pacamara is a pretty good choice if you like a nice ambience and some decent food.

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Stateland Cafe @ Bugis

Situated along Bali Lane, Stateland Cafe is one of the many cafes in Bugis serving up Instagram-worthy food. I must say that i am one of those people who checks cafe food pictures on Instagram first before adding it to my to-eat list.

Stateland Cafe’s menu is pretty standard, weekday lunch sets include a main and a drink for $20 nett. I think that’s pretty decent for cafe dining!

 I ordered the Hainanese chicken rice risotto as it is one of the most popular dishes. And i love chicken rice!

It DOES look pretty, i must say. I did smell the arousing aroma of chicken rice, which is a plus. Taste wise it was not bad, but honestly the risotto kinda tasted like chicken porridge that wasn’t fully cooked. I liked the flavours of the chilli, savoury light sauce, and risotto though.

 The chicken came in boneless chunky pieces. It was quite tender as well. The baby spinach leaves added a little more class to the dish but i think beansprouts or bok choy would be better choices.
 Dessert!!! We shared a red velvet waffle ($15), which came with a generous amount of cream cheese frosting and dark chocolate sauce. The sweetness from the ice cream and cream cheese went well with the richness of the dark chocolate sauce. It’s a pretty good combination!
Stateland Cafe, Bugis

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Montana Brew Bar

Montana is one of the few places (if not only) in SG that features an extensive menu of waffles, both sweet and savoury included. Certain items on the menu even allows people to choose between fluffy or crispy waffles! I am a waffle girl and i love my waffles crispy. 

I had the Jalapeno Mac n Cheese waffle, which had a very interesting texture. The mac n cheese was embedded in the waffle, hence the strong cheesy taste and little bits of macaroni. The sauce is slightly tangy and lends a refreshing taste to the waffle, which is good if the waffle gets too overpowering. Overall, i think that this dish is worth trying, but i would choose to try other items on the menu next time. 

My friend had the chocolate banana waffles. She chose fluffy and it was pretty decent. The flavours from the waffle, banana, ice cream went well together. I think this dish, as a basic/classic combination, is a good dessert option. 

Montana is conveniently located at POMO, directly down from SOTA and across Prinsep Street. 

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Salted Egg Yolk Croissant @ Antoinette 

Tried these mega popular croissants two weeks ago when my mum bought them home from Antoinette at Penhas Road. I popped by once on a Saturday afternoon and it was unavailable, sadly. Told her about it and she bought them the next Monday since she was at my grandma’s home, which is just nearby. YAAAASSSS.

The salted egg yolk croissants are at $6.50+ for one, which is $7 after GST.

The top of the croissant is slightly burnt as i popped it into the toaster for a few minutes.

That ooze though.

It was guuuuud!! This is my first salted egg yolk croissant so i can’t compare it to others, but the croissant was buttery and the salted egg yolk tasted like the same kind of salted egg yolk in liu sha baos. I would definitely eat it again, but not so often as it isn’t cheap!

They are good in the fridge for 2 days, although i would recommend eating them on the same day. I ate one the next day and the top of the croissant was burnt while the insides were not warmed fully, even after toasting it for the recommended time of 7-8 mins.

I reckon it’s easier to buy them from the Penhas Road outlet, since it’s not in town. It’s near Lavender MRT, and not hard to find at all. I love that the Jalan Besar area is now such a hip area, dotted with cafes along lanes and streets.


30 Penhas Rd, near Lavender MRT

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Di Bella Coffee Roasting Warehouse

Another cafe in North Melbourne! I love dining in the North Melbourne area because it is pretty near where i live, and it is where some of my favourite cafes are (top favourite being Beatrix).

So anyway, my friends and I arrived at Di Bella on a Friday afternoon and it was pretty packed, which i felt was very promising since it’s not exactly in a prominent location.


photo 1
Ordered a flat white because i felt like i should – i mean, since i am at Di Bella right….


photo 2
Three Quinoa Salad – red cabbage, grapes, walnuts, cherry tomatoes, herbs, lemon dressing.

I usually don’t order salads outside because i’d much rather eat hearty, filling dishes when i’m dining in cafes/restaurants here. So this was my first time ordering a salad dish and i have to say that i really liked it! Maybe it’s because i already love all the ingredients that are in the dish (quinoa, walnuts, etc.). It tasted very light and refreshing; it was also more filling than i thought it would be, which was great.

Overall i’d say that Di Bella is a decent place to have brunch at. My friends enjoyed their dishes as well, but i didn’t sneak a taste so i can’t remember what they ordered. I’d probably come back and order the same dish again, just because i’m a sucker for quinoa. If you like quinoa like i do, do order the salad!


Di Bella Coffee Roasting Warehouse Melbourne on Urbanspoon


Changgo is probably one of the more popular Korean BBQ places in Melbourne – i’ve heard many good reviews about their 8 flavoured pork belly from various friends, and it’s also one of the highest rated Korean restaurants on Urbanspoon. Tbh i was pretty sure that i would love this place even before coming; i am such a Korean food fanatic and i loooove samgyubsal (pork belly)!

The $58 set came with their signature 8 flavoured pork belly set, 2 bowls of rice and a seafood stew. It serves 2-3 people which (i feel) divided either way is still pretty affordable for Korean BBQ. There were 4 of us so of course we had to order add-ons!


photo 1
Makgeolli (Korean rice wine) to share; i personally prefer this to soju because i find it easier to drink


photo 2
Kimchi pancake – it was hot, oily and crispy, which is how i like it!


photo 3
Seafood stew which came with the set. It looked really spicy but fortunately wasn’t, and it went well with white rice.


photo 5
The star dish! 8 flavoured pork belly set – wine, original, ginseng, garlic, herb, curry, miso and hot.
I liked them all but my favourites were the garlic and hot. YUM.


photo 4
Waiting for the meat to be cooked… impatiently


We also ordered the ox tongue which i somehow forgot to take a picture of.

The bill came up to slightly over $100 and i think we paid about $27 each, which was really worth it!

It’s advisable to come early if you don’t want to queue though – we arrived before 6 on a weekday night so we didn’t have to queue (thankfully), and there were people waiting for seats outside when we left.

Note that Changgo only offers pork and beef meats for BBQ so there’s no chicken/seafood/other meats. Pork belly lovers, PLEASE do yourself a favour and come; you won’t regret it!

ChangGo on Urbanspoon

Fukuryu Ramen

[I can’t believe i got so lazy and stopped blogging for an entire semester… i wasn’t even that busy! Now i have accumulated so much backlog and i’ll try to catch up as much as i can.]

After a long day of walking around the city in the cold, i found myself really craving for something warm and soupy. The first thing that came to my mind was a comforting bowl of ramen; so we went to Fukuryu which was really nearby, just a few minutes away from Kokoro (which i’ve yet to blog again… soon!).

Minor hiccup…. we couldn’t order at the counter because the ordering system was having some problems. We waited for probably 10 minutes? Luckily it was still early and i wasn’t really hungry or i’d probably be really grumpy.


I’m not really picky with my ramen and i honestly wasn’t expecting to be wowed with this bowl because of the mixed reviews from my friends and Urbanspoon.

Anyway i tried the shoyu ramen, which was very average. I ordered the normal sized bowl which had half an egg, bamboo shoots, fish cakes, and 3 slices of fatty pork. I liked the texture of the noodles, but it isn’t consistent because the noodles in my friend’s ramen were really soggy and overcooked.


photo 2

photo 3

Also tried the gyozas which were average as well. Would i order this again? Probably not.


I tried my friend’s Tonkotsu broth and it was not bad, or at least, better than mine. That’s what i’ll be ordering when if i come back again! Which is probably not anytime soon.
Fukuryu Ramen on Urbanspoon

Oops… Break!

Another unintended long break again… Have been travelling in Australia hence the lack of access to wifi. Would love to post a few snippets of places i’ve been to as soon as i can, although it will not be anytime soon– sorry!