The Hardware Societe

FINALLY down to blogging about The Hardware Societe! Is this place of legendary status? I haven’t met anyone who hasn’t heard of the cafe.

My friend and I arrived at 11+ am on a Monday and there was already a queue.. and it was extra chilly that day which made the wait even more torturous! Thankfully we didn’t have to wait for long, managed to bypass a few people in front of us because we only needed 2 seats 🙂

We sat on the bar where we could see the staff preparing the food, which was cool but made me even more hungry… lol

photo 1 (19)
Chai latte – one of my favourite hot drinks. It was pretty darn good, I really liked it!

photo 3 (16)
I already knew what I wanted to order- the ever-popular baked eggs with chorizo. I really liked the presentation of the dish! It smelled SO good, and was indeed very tasty.

photo 4 (5)

Overall, I would say that the food @ Hardware Societe is good but not amazing. I would definitely visit again, but not if I had to queue for long. Y’know how some places are SO hyped that it raises your expectations to really high levels? Perhaps I would have been more pleased and satisfied if I didn’t keep looking at them food reviews online. But still… this place serves good stuff.

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